Phantom I 108 dBSound in its purest and most essential form.

108 dB SPL. 14Hz – 27kHz. 1100 Watts RMS.
Dark Chrome
CHF 3,200

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Absolute fidelity, quintessential.

Phantom I 108 dB, the ultimate connected speaker with its Remote. Hear every detail brought to life with unthinkable clarity and precision by a Grade I Titanium tweeter. Surrender to indecent power and ultra-deep bass. Sound in its purest and most essential form. No apologies.
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Every class-leading Devialet invention in an elegant and compact design made for the home. High-fidelity. Ultra-dense sound.

Experience the physical
impact of sound.

108 dB SPL
Maximum Sound Level

Sound that resonates deep in your bones. Enjoy unprecedented physical impact that’s nothing short of iconic.

14Hz – 27kHz
Frequency response

Hear every detail brought to life with unthinkable clarity and precision. Surrender to indecent power and ultra-deep bass.

1100 Watts RMS
Total amplification power

Sound this rich and clear shouldn’t be possible in compact form. Be moved, even at low volumes.

Made for compulsive listening experiences, the new easy-to-transport Phantom features every available Devialet technology in under 3 liters.

Ultimate power and compactness.

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Engineered to perform under extreme constraints, Phantom’s hermetically sealed architecture consists of two lateral woofers. When cued, they begin to dance in sync, creating opposing forces that cancel out even the slightest vibrations and generate ultra-dense sound, the kind your bones perceive before your ears.

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Heart Bass Implosion®

It feels good to be
in control.

Phantom has found its soulmate. Every Phantom I comes complete with its dedicated remote to help you take full control of your music or movie afar with utmost precision. All the power of Phantom at your fingertips.

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Built-in battery

with 2.5 months of autonomy, rechargeable via USB (USB cable included in packaging)

Bluetooth® 5.0

connectivity for up to a 20-meter range of control

Modern LED

Matrix display


Stainless steel scroll wheel to adjust volume

The Devialet App:
your sound, your way.

Power this unreasonable requires some control. Set up your Phantom, finetune your settings, and stay up to date, all via the Devialet App. An intuitive companion, the app lets you customize your Phantom experience: setting up your Phantom, adjusting latency for A/V, activating Standby Mode or customizing bass for Night Mode.

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Words from our clients.

"The best-sounding compact speaker I ever heard."@_king_mdot_
"It’s remarkable how powerful and clear the speaker is."@marius.piel
"Suddenly I realized what sound means."@noahpenna

Made for each other.
Our Phantom I’s accessories.

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Cocoon - Phantom I
CHF 329
Phantom I on the road
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Gecko - Phantom I
CHF 259
Ultra-discreet: the minimalist wall mount
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CHF 399
Made for high-precision listening.
Devialet media
CHF 299
Light and streamlined design

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Protect your investment with Devialet Care.

Our 5-year insurance policy makes sure you’re covered. Instantly. For one instance of accidental damage or breakage. Gold standard, guaranteed.

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Are you ready to take your Devialet experience to the next level?

Reach the pinnacle of sound with our Elevate program. Available exclusively on, this program lets you upgrade or replace your product at a preferential rate and comes complete with a new two-year warranty.

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Discover our Phantom range.

Devialet media
Devialet media

Phantom I 103 dB

Implosive sound, wider soundstage, an icon
CHF 2,400
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Phantom I 108 dB

Absolute fidelity, quintessential.
CHF 3,200
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Devialet media
Devialet media

Phantom II 95 dB

Big sound, small package.
CHF 1,200
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Devialet media

Phantom II 98 dB

Ultimate compactness/power ratio.
CHF 1,500
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