Phantom II 98 dB - StereoDiscover Phantom II Deep Blue compact speaker in stereo, our newest ultra exclusive edition color.

2 x 400 W RMS. 101 dB SPL. 18Hz – 21kHz.
Deep Blue
CHF 2,798

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   - Phantom I : Tree or Treepod
Phantom II and/or Dione : Remote
   - Devialet Mania : Cocoon

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Take a plunge into the unknown.

When launching the 98 dB, Phantom II Deep Blue and its sleek aluminium side panels morph into a striking statement of power. Compact yet full of range from pure, crisp sound like a tidal force to full deep bass as if diving deep under the open oceans. Touch controls give you total command of Phantom II with a single stroke.


Devialet Phantom Deep Blue orbits uncharted territories in the next revolution around the blue sphere.Take a plunge into the unknown with Devialet’s ultra-exclusive color. Inspired by the deep abyss, deep water, deep space, the hue is both soothing yet ominous, powerful yet calming, keeping true to the nature of Phantom II’s groundbreaking high-end audio. The captivating deep blue shade tells a story that is strangely (un)familiar – somewhere between the last great frontier of our home planet and the interstellar reaches of space, passing through a dream-like water world.

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