私たちは、できる限りを尽くして普遍的に世界最高の音質を作り上げることを目標に、常に尽力を尽くしてきました。Phantomは、その結果を体現している製品だと言えます。革新的な新しい特許を取得した発明を入れ込むことにより、Phantomは常に、音を再現するための各要素、各ステップにおいて、期待を上回っています。 性能に関しては、これまでに存在しているものの、10~1,000倍上質となっており、全く違った音を体感することになります。Phantomは音響体験に改革をもたらしました。

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This is impossible without Devialet inventions

Turn the volume up to the maximum, always with the best sound in the world

0 Distortion 0 Saturation 0 Background noise

Devialet invented ADH - Analog Digital Hybrid - a revolutionary technology that lets you have the best of both worlds: the refinement of analog amplification (class A) and the power and compactness of digital amplification (class D).

Both types of amplifiers work together to deliver never heard before performances.


Listen to your music,
exactly as the artist created it

The invention of SAM technology - Speaker Active Matching - for the first time allows the speakers to receive a signal tailored to their specificities, in real time.
They can then emit the sound, exactly as it was recorded.

Rediscover the beauty of your favorite songs,
exactly as the artist created them.


Feel music’s full physical impact, at home

14Hz - 27kHz

You don’t just hear music, you feel it. The human ear cannot register frequencies under 20Hz.

Only Phantom’s ultra-dense sound with physical impact lets you access the full emotional power of music. Right down to 14Hz. Feel your body tremble.

A feat only made possible by our HBI - Heart Bass Implosion - technology.