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Counterfeits is a major concern that Devialet is engaged in fighting against. We dedicate considerable financial resources to fight against counterfeits and their manufacturers worldwide. Devialet’s commitments consist of defending its intellectual property rights (including trademarks, commercial names, copyrights, patents and design patents, etc., whether registered or unregistered) by engaging legal actions against counterfeiters and by collaborating with local governmental forces to pursue the counterfeiters.

Devialet also spends considerable time on investigating and monitoring online marketplaces, social media platforms and websites in order to ensure that counterfeits are taken off the Internet and in return, minimize the risk of consumers falling prey to dangerous counterfeits.

Electronic equipment and electronic products, such as the high-end products that Devialet manufactures and commercializes, go through rigorous testing and governmental certification procedures in order to ensure that they are safe for use by consumers. Counterfeit electronic products can be dangerous to life or health and may cause permanent damage as they do not go through any certification procedure and nor are they tested under the legal standards set by governmental bodies. Buying counterfeit electronic products is risky and illegal and if you attempt to resell such counterfeit products, you may be subject to significant civil liability and/or criminal penalties.


Devialet applies a selective distribution network model which means that only distributors and resellers who are part of the network and who have been authorized by Devialet may sell Devialet’s products. Devialet works diligently and continuously with its authorized distributors and resellers in order to ensure that our clients are provided with the best technical advice about our products and services.

Devialet does not sell any of its products (including the products Expert, Phantom, Devialet Gemini, and their related accessories) on any Amazon platform in the European Union, including,,,,

Authentic Devialet products are only available at our stores and through our authorized resellers (including online authorized resellers) which can be found here on our Store Locator:


The main factors that you should consider when purchasing a Devialet product is:

_Location - the first way to ensure that you are purchasing an authentic Devialet product, is to purchase the product from one of our brick-and-mortar stores, our website or from one of our authorized resellers (including online authorized resellers).

_Price – if the price is too low, then it is a counterfeit. Remember that a Devialet Phantom is a premium product and that the price on our website and in our stores is the price for a high-end technological speaker that is Made in France and that carries more than 160 patents. Devialet never discounts its products, thus any discount on a Devialet product equals a counterfeit.

_Design – compare original photos of Devialet’s products from its website with the whatever cheap offer that you have found. Pay close attention to the details of an authentic Devialet product, in particular the ornamental tweeter in the front, the shape and finesse of the lacquer, matte, silver or golden colored leaves on the sides, and the drop-like D logo that is embellishing the front.

For any questions, or to report a counterfeit, please contact our legal team at:

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