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Denza | Devialet腾势牵手帝瓦雷,让出行漫旅,有天籁相伴


行业转型先锋领袖腾势 (Denza) 与帝瓦雷 (Devialet) 强强联合,携手重塑未来体验,以突破智能创新疆界之笃定,期待深刻改变人们的日常生活和需求。



Featuring Devialet's patented technologies and a tailored acoustical architecture, Denza N7, Denza's newest SUV, delivers unrivalled sound quality and true luxury audio for a state-of-the-art driving experience.

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Sensory Bass

When the bass dip to 20Hz, it’s a sensation you feel in your bones. Thanks to custom Devialet woofers and patented Devialet Speaker Active Matching (SAM) technology, ultra-low frequencies and optimal speaker response are the standard.

Devialet media

High-Fidelity Precision

Strap in and cue pure sound. Sixteen tailored high-fidelity internal speakers are optimally placed throughout the vehicle, flanking its passengers and delivering rich, detailed sound and a wide soundstage.

Devialet media

Adaptive Sound

Enjoy pristine sound at any speed. Thanks to built-in Speed Dependent Volume Control (SDVC) technology, when you accelerate, your sound adapts to the shift in internal volume. With built-in and custom modes, you can tailor your sound to passenger placement and your preferences.

Devialet media

Enveloping Spatialization

Experience a fully immersive listening experience no matter the content type thanks to Devialet SPACE technology. Speakers are positioned at key points overhead, along the side doors, and at base of the vehicle, offering truly immersive sound that’s adjustable to your liking.

Devialet media