Deep immersive sound no longer
requires large speakers.

Phantom Reactor just changed the game. It sets an entirely new standard for power-to-size ratio and begs to be carried around.


Phantom Reactorの球面デザインによって、従来のソロスピーカーのパフォーマンスを覆し再定義します。どの場所からも美しく豊かな飽きることの無いサウンドを楽しむことができます。

2019年前半には専用のアプリを簡単にアップグレードすることで、第2世代のPhantom Reactorを使うことが可能になります。第2世代Phantom Reactorのパワーは倍になり、音の拡がりをさらに高めることにより、音楽の世界にどっぷりと身を浸すことのできる世界を家庭用ステレオにもたらします。乞うご期待ください。


Join the Revolution


With Phantom Reactor in Stereo, 1+1 = 3.

Yes, the math is correct. Create a stereo pair now and gain up to three extra decibels. Added impact. Multiple emotions. Infinitely compact.

Up to 1800 Watts. Double the power.

More than double the adrenaline. Phantom Reactor in stereo gives you unprecedented levels of ultra-pure sound for speakers this small. Feel the music hit you from all angles.

Center stage is where you belong.

With Phantom Reactor in stereo, you’ll never have to settle for audience seats. Discover immersion so real it pulls you into the moment. Become part of every scene and song. Widen your soundstage – and your perspective on entertainment as a whole. Pure sound. Deep and immersive. Unreal for a system this compact.

Find new layers to your music.

Close your eyes and picture the scene. Feel each instrument, each note, as if it were being played right there in front of you. Undress even the most complex or undefinable sounds with newfound precision. The difference is palpable. The thrill too.


超コンパクトにもかかわらず、パワフルなサウンドをとどけるPhantom Reactorはどんな場所にも設置が可能。デビアレの技術を搭載し感動的なサウンドをとどけられるうえ、持ち運びに最適な3リッター以下の重さが特徴。あなたに本当の感動をとどけたい。


How I can set up my Phantom Reactor in Stereo ?

With these video tutorials to guide you, Phantom Reactor will be ready to play in high-fidelity stereo, in no time at all. You can follow the videos "Stereo with Phantom Reactor and "Positioning Phantom Reactor" for more details.