A new breed of speaker Phantom Reactor : The mind

Discover the small speaker with the big brains.

Brains are powerful things. We need both sides of ours to function. Just like Phantom Reactor.
One side is wired to deliver nothing but raw power. The other side packs advanced intelligence for absolute fidelity.


Never before has a system this compact had to process this much information.
Anatomically complex, Phantom Reactor’s internal structure requires surgical precision and custom assembly techniques. So every single body part functions just as it should.

Pure sound has a big future.

Meet ADH3®. Developed for Phantom Reactor, third-generation ADH® technology entrusts amplification to a single, dual-channel chip no thicker than 1mm. More compact and efficient than ever, this innovative system guarantees the same breathtaking performance with added capabilities.

It takes mind over matter to change the game.

Radically optimized to meet Phantom Reactor’s size constraints, the motherboard is our most evolved yet. By further enhancing the way power is supplied and linking it to the latest Devialet intelligence, we’ve been able to bring you unreasonable sound in even fewer square millimeters.


超コンパクトにもかかわらず、パワフルなサウンドをとどけるPhantom Reactorはどんな場所にも設置が可能。デビアレの技術を搭載し感動的なサウンドをとどけられるうえ、持ち運びに最適な3リッター以下の重さが特徴。あなたに本当の感動をとどけたい。