Expert 140 Pro

2x140 Watts Sous 6Ω
Dark Chrome
CHF 5,290

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ADH®, SAM®, RAM®, EVO®... The Expert 140 Pro features all of Devialet's exclusive technologies.

Expert Pro is the world’s most advanced audiophile system, meant for music lovers in search of a refined and emotional listening experience. Designed to replace traditional Hi-Fi systems, Expert Pro delivers all the core elements of playback – preamp, amp, DAC, streamer, phono stage – in a single and ultra-compact unit. By rethinking sound reproduction at every turn, Devialet engineers have been able to achieve the best performance ever measured, at all power levels. With a precise and natural attack, explosive dynamics, naked silence and beautifully true timbre, the experience is breathtaking.

Entirely configurable and upgradable, Expert Pro reveals your music’s full potential, whatever the source or speakers.

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