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Devialet media
Devialet Gemini Refurbished

Devialet Certified
Refurbished Program.

Designed to last, Devialet Gemini are now part of our sustainability approach: reducing our footprint and making high-fidelity sound last. Each Certified Refurbished Devialet Gemini undergoes a series of 12 rigorous tests and controls to ensure the highest quality and performance.

The Certified Refurbished Devialet Gemini earbuds come in a brand-new box, complete with new ear tips and a USB-C cable.

New refurbished Devialet Gemini.

Engineering excellence.

Devialet media

Devialet Gemini’s refined and discrete design echoes the sophisticated technologies inside. These true wireless earbuds are a truly nomadic item that marries acoustic and aesthetic excellence.

Devialet media

Devialet Active Noise Cancellation™

Become impermeable to your surroundings with Devialet's noise cancellation technology, which comes in three levels: “low,” “high,” and “plane”.

A hybrid dual-microphone structure teams up with specific digital filters using proprietary Internal Delay Compensation (IDC®️) technology to improve both the level of noise reduction and its effective bandwidth.

Devialet medias
Devialet media

New Phantom, now refurbished.

Succumb to iconic implosive sound. Devialet Phantom speaker in matte finish is now refurbished.

Devialet media

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