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Phantom refurbishedVirtuous circle.

Devialet Certified
Refurbished Program.

Designed to last, Devialet Phantom is part of our sustainability approach: reducing our footprint and making high-fidelity sound last. Each Certified Refurbished Devialet Phantom undergoes a series of rigorous tests and controls to ensure the highest quality and performance. If the quality doesn’t match our standards, the Refurbished Devialet Phantom is disassembled and reassembled on the same production line as a new Devialet Phantom.

Devialet Phantom in matte finish is now available refurbished. Every speaker comes with a new box, power cable, and Devialet Remote, together with a new 24-month warranty. A unique opportunity to get your hands on the implosive sound at a preferential rate.

New Phantom, now refurbished.

Go for the first-generation Devialet Phantom. Our Devialet Certified Refurbished Program is your chance to get your hands on the iconic glossy finish or finally create that perfect pair. Every speaker comes with a new box, power cable, together with a 24-month warranty. Guaranteed as good as new, built to last.

First-generation refurbished Phantom.

Whether you’re looking to acquire your very first Devialet speaker at a preferential rate, upgrade your set-up to stereo or play in multiroom. Our Devialet Certified Refurbished Program is your unique chance to get your hands on the iconic matte and glossy finishes at a preferential rate.

Stunning alone.
Unmatchable in stereo.

Made in France.

Each Devialet Phantom is designed and manufactured in France, and the same is true of our Certified Refurbished products. A dedicated team ensures that the same rigor we put into research is carried through to the very final step. A fully automated assembly line leaves nothing to chance.

Devialet media

Engineering excellence.

We’re committed to the sustainability of our products. The Devialet Certified Refurbished Program not only gives Devialet Phantom new life, but also repurposes our end-to-end innovation to offer ever-enhanced acoustics. To create Devialet Phantom, we built our own plant, hired talents from diverse industries, and crafted our own robotics and quality control capabilities. And the same precision and processes are applied to every Certified Refurbished Devialet Phantom.

Devialet media

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Devialet media

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