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Expert Pro - Technology RAM - Record Active Matching


The most advanced phono stage ever created. With next-generation RAM® technology, your Expert Pro phono stage becomes instantly and endlessly configurable, working in real time to custom fit the exact characteristics of your turntable or vinyl records.

"Expert Pro phono staging serves the musical heritage, letting you experience music just as it was recorded, today or way back when."

Experience high-precision tailoring, serving the musical heritage of your recordings.

250 combinations available
up to 192 kHz

With countless settings and full MM/MC, stereo and mono compatibility, Expert Pro phono inputs feature custom input impedance and a range of capacitors.

Expert 220 Pro, 250 Pro, 440 Pro and 1000 Pro models offer over 256 different combinations. To help you reach audio perfection with MM or MC cartridges. These options are available instantly and effortlessly via our online configuration tool.

Adjusting your equalizer curve

RAM® technology allows you to adjust EQ dynamically and with unrivalled accuracy. The most precise phono stage in the world lets you achieve absolute collusion between Expert Pro and any album from your vinyl library, whatever the provenance or date of the recording. The latest releases. Old favorites. Enjoy all your music, just as it was intended.

Differential signaling at low sound levels.

Given that radiation (commonly related to solid state) affects both solid state and cartridge cables, differential signaling is designed to target any interference. Potential ground noise issues are resolved and solid earth ground wiring is no longer required.

HD vinyl digitizing.

Expert Pro also features an intelligent vinyl digitizing system thanks to adjustable digital sampling rate output (up to 192 kHz/24 bits).

Bridging the divide between analog and digital-era technologies, RAM® seamlessly adapts your Expert Pro phono stage to fit any vinyl recording. Meanwhile, ADH® intelligence delivers perfectly transparent amplification and SAM® tailors the sound signal to your exact speaker specs: a radically superior triple parallel action that lets you reach new extremes, making Expert Pro the class leader in audiophile solutions.

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