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Expert Pro - Technology Switch-mode power supply


Expert Pro uses a revolutionary switch-mode power supply to take you from absolute silence to explosive dynamics. At lightning speed. This ultra high-performance power supply method feeds the rest of the system, achieving energy efficiency rates of 90%. T

4000 Watts
1200 Watts

The control loop is ultra-quick and particularly well suited to audio engineering. Expert Pro systems can instantly shift from 0 to 4000 Watts while sustaining an average running power of 1200W. Output voltage is variable by a factor of 8 from +/- 10V to +/-80V and constantly changes to minimize overall thermal dissipation.

A load balancing controller ensures even load sharing between reservoir capacities across different power rails, doubling the available energy supply.

"Driven by a microprocessor, our intelligent power supply seamlessly alters energy transmission in real time."

Power supply relies on a central transformer based on planar technology. It serves two purposes: spreading energy in packets and ensuring the electrical safety of the product by isolating the hazardous areas. Compact and perfectly symmetrical, the central transformer is far superior to traditional solutions in terms of efficiency and primary/secondary pollution.

Power supply is unaffected by the mains and runs silently with remarkably low electromagnetic disturbance. It is universal and compliant with all power grid supplies: 90-240Vac – 50/60Hz. Driven by a microprocessor, power supply is automatically protected from anomalies including surges, dips and overloads. On a practical level, functional range is stretched out even further to 50 - 270Vac ~ 40/70 Hz, making your Expert Pro available for use anywhere in the world.

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