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By inventing Magic Wire® technology, Devialet was able to achieve the shortest signal path ever reached between DAC and connected speakers: just 5cm. A world record. Magic Wire® works by avoiding potential audio signal imperfections, providing seamless impedance matching and keeping unwanted noise to an absolute minimum.

To reach extreme new levels of performance, Devialet completely reworked the finest digital-analog converter, driving noise and distortion as close to zero as technically possible.

Devialet media

Upstream from digital-analog conversion, bit-perfect processing of audio samples makes it possible for playback to remain 100% faithful to the original recording. Post digital-analog conversion, the signal is inevitably altered to some degree. However good your audio system, the track will never be 100% identical. That’s why digital-analog conversion needs to happen as late as possible.

By bringing DAC closer to speaker output than ever before – right to the very heart of each phase in ADH® amplification – Magic Wire® technology keeps the analog signal path to a strict minimum. Just 5cm lie between the start of the analog signal and amplification, compared to distances spanning several meters and hurdles in conventional systems.

Devialet media

Digital-analog conversion systematically occurs during the amplification stage. Magic Wire® architecture enables us to exploit the full potential of the very best converters on the market: current output DACs. Expert Pro models feature Texas Instruments series 179x converters.

Standard systems typically operate on a cascaded circuit: current output convertor, Op Amp current-to-voltage conversion (transconductance), pre-amplification, and then amplification. Each stage in sound reproduction inevitably damages the integrity of the original sound signal. Magic Wire® does the exact opposite: transconductance, anti-aliasing filtering and system total gain all occur synchronically.

Magic Wire® works according to a feedforward model with zero load storage capacity, automatically keeping power at a constant while self-calibrating and compensating for converter dispersion. Magic Wire® massively overshoots manufacturer specifications.

The outcome is nothing short of spectacular: The straight wire with gain.

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