Open to anything

Bluetooth. AirPlay®. Spotify Connect. UPnP. Optical or Analog. Phantom Reactor is game for anything. Make an instant connection, however you like to listen. Genetically wired to tomorrow, Phantom Reactor’s ultra-open architecture lets you update to all the latest upgrades and features. So every performance smashes the last.

Spotify Connect. Optimum audio quality. 100% user-friendly.

Use Spotify Connect as a remote control for any Phantom Reactor on your Wi-Fi network and access all your favorite artists and playlists, directly from the Spotify catalogue. What you get: Spotify Premium-quality streaming, ease of use, available via Wi-Fi or mobile Internet network (once initial Wi-Fi connection has been made).

AirPlay. Lossless audio made effortless. For all your iOS devices.

AirPlay is Apple’s proprietary protocol stack, designed for effortless audio streaming from any iOS-enabled device (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad), MacOS, iTunes for Windows or compatible app straight to any Phantom Reactor connected to the same network.

What you get: Ease of use and versatility, streaming straight from any iOS or MacOS-ready app in CD-quality.

Bluetooth. Simple to use. Universally available.

Connect to Phantom Reactor wirelessly and on the fly from any Bluetooth-enabled device you own (smartphone, tablet, computer). Super simple. 

What you get: Takes you straight to the music. Interoperable across devices from a wide range of manufacturers.

UPnP - The highest grade streaming from any protocol.

UPnP lets you stream locally-stored content from any networked device (computer, smartphone, tablet, NAS drive) via third-party applications. Simply open any UPnP-compatible app and select a track.

What you get: High-resolution streaming up to 24 bits/192kHz.