Gold My Phantom Devialet

Transmute your Phantom into Gold Phantom!

Gold Phantom transcends your musical experience beyond anything you ever imagined.

The deepest bass for ultra physical impact. All the way down to 14Hz.
Treble is clearer and more refined with a Grade I Titanium tweeter. Right up to 27kHz.
Feel the rush of 4500 watts of pure emotion.

Today, you can achieve extreme exhilaration. Here is the secret to this ultimate alchemy:
Until November 15th, 2017, Devialet offers you the opportunity to transform your Phantom into Gold Phantom.

Choose your transmutation

  • Gold My Phantom
    Gold My Phantom €1,390
  • Gold My Silver Phantom
    Gold My Silver Phantom €1,090

3 ways to turn your Phantom into Gold

To turn your Phantom into Gold, you can either:

Connect to your account and request your Phantom transmutation immediately. You’ll receive your new Gold Phantom within a few days

Head over to your Devialet store or favorite dealer with your Phantom and take home a new Gold Phantom
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