Expert Pro - Technology EVO - Evolutive platform

First-class upgrades. Always.

Expert Pro systems are fitted with our EVO® platform, a truly unique electronic architecture designed to help you stay on top of your game with regular software updates. Receive the latest free features and upgrades. First-class performance. Always.

Let's fight programmed obsolescence.

Expert Pro systems are engineered to remain at the forefront of technology. Today and always.

EVO® electronic architecture is driven by permanently upgradable software.

Devialet products are based on an innovative platform principle that intricately blends hardware and software. Key functions such as power conversion within the main power supply or ADH® core management are controlled by software.

The different electronic boards comprise long lifecycle parts (…) for optimal durability and repeatability.

By optimizing power supply software, you can improve power conversion – both in terms of efficiency and response time. Superior ADH® core management radically enhances sound reproduction quality. Expert Pro systems are designed to accompany you for as long as possible. High-endurance platforms ensure innovation and support long after purchase, however old your model is. You’ll love Expert Pro from day one, but you’ll love it even more over time.

Key dates

  • 20

    AIR online configuration

    Mode dual mono 2x400W


    AIR v1.0 – bit-perfect streaming on Wi-Fi input

  • 20

    Multi-Amplification 2x500W

    Air v1.5 - HD Audio Streaming up to 96kHz, iOS/ Android Support

  • 20

    Air v2.0 - HD Audio Streaming up to 192kHz

    Bit-perfect streaming on Ethernet input

  • 20

    SAM® v1.0 Tailors the audio signal to the exact specs of your speaker model

    Increased power 120/200/250/400/800

    Two-way USB Complex active filtering support

    AIR 2.1 - Wi-Fi Upgrade

  • 20

    Q1 2015

    SAM® technology applied to more sophisticated speaker models

    SAM Lab – portable speaker active matching laboratory

    MAT® - DSD64 supported on USB input and high-speed digital inputs

    RAM® - Seamlessly adapts phono stage to your cartridge and vinyl characteristics

  • 20

    Q4 2015

    Intelligent Cinema Mode – breathtaking home cinema. Every word, every voice, perfectly rendered.

    Dynamic Power Management – power supply adjusts to music content for radically enhanced energy efficiency.

    Original d'Atelier support

  • 20

    New Expert Pro range support New Expert Pro interface design identity

    Original d’Atelier – increased power at 1000 Watts

    Programme upgrade – Expert system hardware becomes Expert Pro-compatible and OS board-ready

  • 20

    Introduction of Core Infinity

    With Core Infinity, Expert Pro enters a world of infinite possibilities and welcome the challenges of digital audio. So that your system can continue to serve your music preferences. Today and always. Expert Pro’s intelligent core also introduces Devialet OS to support new streaming features starting with UPnP, ROON natively integrated into Expert Pro via Devialet AIR®, Airplay®, Spotify Connect®, and more to come.