Expert Pro - Technology AIR - Asynchronous Intelligent Route

The world’s most advanced audio streaming technology

Invented by Devialet, AIR® (Asynchronous Intelligent Route) gives you the freedom to enjoy all your locally stored music, as and when you want. Whether you’re connecting wirelessly or via Ethernet, expect HD quality, regardless of the format, multimedia player or streaming service you select. Up to 24 bits / 192 kHz. No concessions.

AIR® technology gives you the freedom to enjoy all your locally stored music. With zero compromise (up to 24 bits/192kHz).

Available via Wi-Fi and Ethernet, AIR® instantly transforms any Expert Pro into your very own universal smartphone, Mac or PC sound card. Music, films, podcasts… All your audio and multimedia content, ready to go on Expert Pro.

AIR offers two different set-up options, asynchronous BitPerfect or asynchronous fixed broadband, to ensure the best possible service quality in even the most unreliable network environments. Asynchronous BitPerfect mode provides optimal audiophile-grade conditions: music is transferred from your computer or smartphone to the amplifier with zero alteration to audio samples. This mode of transfer occurs at the exact same rate as Expert Pro digital-analog conversion rather than the speed imposed by your computer. The amplifier therefore dictates computer behavior rather than the opposite, with AIR intelligence split evenly between the two devices.

Smart buffer management guarantees minimal latency and optimal capacity availability. It’s as though your music were already pre-downloaded and available from RAM memory immediately upstream from digital-analog conversion.

By dramatically clearing the pathway from audio content source to analog conversion, AIR keeps overall digital jitter to an absolute minimum. For radically superior clarity and transparency all throughout playback.