Devialet Care

Gold standard, guaranteed.

Your three-year Devialet Care warranty and insurance cover for Phantom, Silver Phantom or Gold Phantom. In case of accidental damage, we'll replace your system. No questions asked.


3-year warranty

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3-year warranty

Our three-year policy makes sure you’re covered. Instantly. For up to two instances of accidental damage, each subject to additional charge as per recommended rates.

Devialet Care can be acquired on purchase of any Phantom, or up to 30 days thereafter.

  • devialet-reinsurance-3-years-devialet-care
    3 years guarantee extension
  • devialet-reinsurance-devialet-care
    Protect your Phantom up to 30 days after its purchase
  • devialet-care-guarantee-accidents
    Covers up to two accidental incidents

Activate your Devialet Care

Activate your Devialet care to benefit from our three-year insurance policy that covers up to two instances of accidental damage.

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Devialet Care

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