Audioquest Pearl Optical cable - Phantom II

Connect Phantom II to your TV set
This 1.5-meter Optical cable connects your Phantom to your TV set Optical port to enjoy CD-quality audio. The cable is composed of a multi-strand structure and has a thick sheathing. It is therefore capable of transmitting a high-fidelity signal and ensures a drastic reduction of the jitter effect. Employing beautiful technical solutions and benefiting from careful design, the Audioquest Pearl Optical cable is an ideal solution for the transmission of an audio signal between your Phantom and your TV set without loss or compression.

  • Low-Dispersion Fiber
  • Low-Jitter (Digital Timing Errors)
  • Finely Polished Optical Interface
  • In-Wall Rated PVC


Phantom II 95 dB

95 dB SPL. 18Hz – 21kHz. 350 Watts RMS.
Phantom II 95 dB
Phantom II 95 dB

Phantom II 98 dB

98 dB SPL. 18Hz – 21kHz. 400 Watts RMS.
Phantom II 98 dB
Phantom II 98 dB