Arch & Pro-Ject X1 TurntableAn exceptional vinyl experience.


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Transform your record player into an exceptional vinyl experience. Discover our Arch and white Pro-Ject X1 turntable bundle, available now in limited quantity.
Includes 1x Arch + 1x Pro-Ject X1 Turntable White.

ARCH 乐桥,音乐任连。

Arch 乐桥为 Phantom 再添精彩。对于音乐爱好者,如果希望不必靠近音响就可以畅享音频源,那么这款配件必不可少。Arch 乐桥适用于以下三种类型的音频源:唱头放大器、1 x 模拟线路输入或者 2 x S/PDIF(同轴)数字输入。

Devialet media


Awarded best turntable at the EISA 2019/2020, the Pro-Ject X1 turntable won over the jury thanks to its many advantages. A thicker chassis than previous turntables, a thicker platter, a more precise EVO-type arm, an MM cartridge specially designed by Ortofon for the X1 offer an ideal combination. The electronic gear change provides additional comfort that quickly becomes essential.

Devialet media

  • Heavy 12" acrylic platter reduces resonance and noise
  • Built-in precision speed control with top-mounted electronic switch (33-1/3 and 45 RPM; 78 RPM with belt change)
  • Noise-reducing stainless steel platter bearing with soft brass bushing and Teflon mirrors
  • 8.6" tonearm with carbon/aluminum sandwich construction for superior rigidity
  • Kardan ultra-low friction precision tonearm bearing
  • Includes pre-mounted Sumiko Olympia moving magnet cartridge
  • Frequency response: 12-30,000 Hz
  • Stereo separation: 30 dB
  • Medium density fiberboard (MDF) chassis with four adjustable aluminum feet
  • Synchronous AC motor decoupled from base for reduced vibration transmission
  • Speed variation: ±0.3% @ 33-1/3 RPM (±0.25% @ 45 RPM)
  • Wow and flutter: ±0.15% @ 33-1/3 RPM (±0.13% @ 45 RPM)
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 68 dB
  • Gold-plated RCA audio jacks
  • Made in Europe 


The perfect match.

Devialet media
Art Blakey
Live in Scheveningen 1958
Devialet media
Blossom Dearie
The Lost Sessions From The Netherlands
Devialet media
Dizzy Gillespie
Live at Singer Concert Hall - 1973
Devialet media
Thelonious Monk
Live in Rotterdam - 1967