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HUAWEI | DEVIALET新一代华为智慧屏 V 系列,卓越创新的匠心之作

Devialet and Huawei’s shared story began in early 2019 when we co-engineered the Huawei Sound X Smart Speaker. Today, the partnership is taking on new horizons as we venture into uncharted territory: Devialet is collaborating on a TV. The goal? Make a television where the sound quality matches the incredible image quality. Introducing the new HUAWEI Vision V Series.

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The new HUAWEI Vision V Series smart screen isn’t just Devialet’s professional audio technology transposed onto a television.

It also marks a deeper level of collaboration in acoustic structure design, adapted tuning development, music section building, and more, setting a new industry standard.


Devialet supported Huawei in designing a distinct acoustic architecture for the new HUAWEI Vision V Series. Horizontal-meets-vertical surround sound modules are embedded behind the screen, working hand in hand with its dimensions to create a large sound stage. And one active woofer is paired with push-push passive radiators to deliver deep bass while canceling out most of the vibrations.

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In addition to co-designing the acoustic structure, Devialet also worked with Huawei to create an exclusive "Devialet Mode" for the new HUAWEI Vision V Series, which focuses on two experiences: music and movies. When in Devialet Mode, sound is dynamically adjusted to balance power and nuance.

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To accompany the launch of the new HUAWEI Vision V Series, Huawei and Devialet also created a comprehensive evaluation system to accurately rate television sound quality for the first time. The rating system is composed of four dimensions, mostly based on measurable and objective criterion —power, balance, fidelity, immersion—and, if used widely, it could allow consumers to easily compare the sound quality of various televisions on the market.

In this case, knowledge is quite literally power.

Listening just got as exciting as watching.

Please note that this product is only available to Chinese consumers at the moment.