Come meet Phantom in the US

Phantom arrives to the US! First step of this journey: opening a flagship store in NYC and bringing the physical impact of the best sound in the world to the city that never sleeps.

The biggest Devialet boutique, spreading over 200 m2 and 2 floors, offers more than a simple product display. In the middle of the boutique, you can enjoy the purity and power of Devialet sound in the immersive room, isolated from the hustle and bustle of the streets of Soho. The more experienced audiophiles will be excited to discover the special part of the boutique dedicated to Expert Pro and enjoy a demo together with the well informed advise from our team.

En ce moment

The first Devialet US flagship has been placed in the very heart of Soho, the famously arty neighbourhood of the ’70s and ’80s that has evolved into one of New York City’s prime shopping districts.

The artistic touch of Soho can be found in this flagship, through the giant painted wall by Oliver Jeffers as well as through various in-store events with renown artists from all over the world.

Get mesmerised by the sound of Devialet in our first US flagship store. This is only a beginning. Start spreading the news…