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Devialet Terms and conditions of sale
of Gold My Phantom

  • I. General

    These Devialet Terms and Conditions of Sale of Gold My Phantom (the “General Terms of Sale”) create a contract between you as the customer (“Customer”) and Devialet. These General Terms of Sale govern your online purchase and acceptance of the delivery of the Gold Phantom product(s) (the “Products”), which have been ordered by you as the Customer and supplied by Devialet.

    These General Terms of Sale are in supplement to the existing general terms of sale of Devialet which may be found at and both sets of terms combined constitute the contract in force between the Customer and Devialet.

    In the event of any contradiction between the two, these General Terms of Sale shall prevail.

  • II. The offer

    Devialet offers, for a limited period of time starting from the 18 September 2017 and ending on the 15 November 2017, (the “Offer”) to its current Customers who have previously purchased a Phantom or Silver Phantom, the possibility to benefit from the program Gold My Phantom (the “Gold My Phantom”).

    The program Gold My Phantom consists of an exchange at cost of an already purchased Phantom or Silver Phantom product to a new Gold Phantom at the Customer’s expense. The already purchased Phantom or Silver Phantom are eligible for an exchange at cost for the price indicated on the webstore of the country of the Customer.

    The Customer acknowledges that the Offer is subject to the availability of the Products and can be changed or withdrawn without notice and will be available for a limited period only.

    Devialet reserves the right to offer the Offer only in the territories to which it sells to through its online website.

  • III. Order and payment

    The Offer is available online via the Customer’s already existing Devialet account available at

    The Customer will upon accessing its personal Devialet account see an option to exchange its already purchased Phantom or Silver Phantom product to a Devialet Gold Phantom. The Customer will be prompted to insert the serial number of its already purchased Phantom or Silver Phantom before such an exchange can take place. The payment terms are those as stated in the general terms of sale.

  • IV. Delivery and Shipment

    Upon placing an order for the Offer, Devialet will request the Customer to confirm whether the Customer needs a Return Kit or already has the original box, the box cover and dust bag. The Return Kit consists of the declared missing elements by the Customer which includes the box and/or the box cover and/or the dust bag (the “Return Kit”). The Customer must confirm whether he needs a Return Kit or not before returning a Phantom or Silver Phantom to Devialet. The Customer is advised to properly pack the Phantom or Silver Phantom in the Return Kit or the original box and to properly affix the furnished UPS pick-up label on the exterior of the Return Kit.

    The return will be managed by Devialet which will issue a UPS pick-up label. The return will be at Devialet’s expense except for such nominal fees that may apply to pick-up by UPS in certain locations. The Customer is responsible for taking the necessary actions to book a UPS pick-up appointment and to assure his presence upon the UPS pick-up.

    The order confirmation is conditional upon the return of the Phantom or Silver Phantom to Devialet. Delivery dates of the Products are approximate and Devialet may in particular not be held liable for any delay attributable to an event outside of Devialet’s control.

    The delivery will be fulfilled when the Products are delivered at the delivery address indicated by the Customer and by the carrier upon its own responsibility.

  • V. Right of withdrawal, return and warranty of the Products

    As per the general terms of sale applicable to Devialet’s online sales, the Customer has the right to withdraw from a purchase for any reason within fourteen (14) calendar days, starting from the delivery date. In the event of a withdrawal, the Customer will receive his original Phantom or Silver Phantom within thirty (30) business days upon the receipt of the Products by Devialet.

    When exercising the right of withdrawal, the Customer is obliged to ensure that the Products that are to be returned to Devialet must be in original condition with its serial number and original packaging. Original packaging shall include the original box, the box cover and the dust bag that was delivered with the Products and which belongs to the Products. In the case where the serial number is missing or if the original packaging of the Products is missing or where there has been a damage to the Products, Devialet reserves the right to refuse the refund or to reduce the amount of the refund.

    For further information on the warranty, see the general terms of sale available at

    A Devialet Care which is purchased in combination with the Offer will be valid from the date of delivery of the Products.

    A Devialet Care that has been previously purchased by the Customer will remain applicable to the Products but the commencement date of Devialet Care remains as per the delivery date of the first Phantom or Silver Phantom.

  • VIII. Miscellaneous

    The Offer does not include the 3 Months Tidal subscription.
    The Offer and the Products do not include the 45 Day Phantom Risk-Free Trial.

  • Last update: 15 September 2017