Phantom Devialet Wonderland

Exclusive holiday offers This way to wonderland.
There's no going back.

With the holiday season calling, Devialet invites you
on a one-way trip to Phantom’s Wonderland.

Two exclusive holiday kits. One implosive sound

  • Silver Phantom Kit
    Silver Phantom Kit $4,990

    2 Silver Phantom

    2 Treepod Design Stands

    1 Dialog Intelligent Hub

  • Gold Phantom Kit
    Gold Phantom Kit $5,990

    2 Gold Phantom

    2 Treepod Design Stands

    1 Dialog Intelligent Hub


Exclusive Holiday Offers

A world of enchantment awaits. An alternate universe where Phantom go together, seamlessly fused with their beech wood Treepod.

Sense your whole body drift into an alternate universe where you will feel every note for the first time. Physically. Viscerally. Transcendently. Let Phantom’s ultra-dense sound surround you. In Duo. The widest, most immersive soundstage for an out-of-this-world experience.

Lose yourself on the other side, an unthinkably life-changing experience you won’t come back from. Are your ready for the ultimate encounter with the best sound in the world ?

Offer exclusively available from Dec. 1 to Jan. 15, while stocks last.*

Phantom Devialet Christmas

Silver Phantom Duo

With two Silver Phantom in Duo, perfectly synchronised thanks to Dialog - Phantom’s Intelligent Hub - listening takes on a whole new dimension. The widest soundstage and twice the power for an unthinkably immersive experience.

2x3000W, 2x105dB, 16Hz to 25kHz.

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Phantom Devialet Christmas

Gold Phantom Duo

With two Gold Phantom in Duo, perfectly synchronised thanks to Dialog - Phantom’s Intelligent Hub - you are experiencing the widest soundstage and extreme exhilaration. With the most powerful wireless speaker in the world (4500W and 108dB), a titanium tweeter to reach the highest highs (27kHz) and the lowest lows ever achieved by a system this size (14Hz). For ultra-dense sound with physical impact, in its most extreme version.

2x4500W, 2x108dB, 14Hz to 27kHz.

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Phantom Devialet Christmas


Phantom's high-fusion stand.

Featuring an ingeniously crafted isostatic base, Treepod is both a bold design statement and the perfect fit for Phantom.

Thermally connected to Phantom, Treepod provides optimal conditions for high-endurance performance.

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Where can I experience Devialet?

  • Phantom is the speaker that you need.

  • It needs to be heard by your own ears in order to be believed.

  • There’s nothing else out there much like it.

    Slash Gear
  • Fascinatingly ultra-dense sound, rendered in its most extreme form.

    Luxury Insider
  • The Phantom is a technological tour de force.

  • Silver Phantoms produce one of the most convincing stereo images I’ve ever heard


Frequent questions

*Exclusive Holiday Offers

Our Holiday Exclusive Offers consist of 2 kits: either two Gold Phantom, two Treepod and a Dialog ; or two Silver Phantom, two Treepod and a Dialog; sold at a combined price as indicated on the applicable price list. These offers are available between 01 Décember 2017 - 15 January 2018 and is subject to the availability of stocks and can be changed or withdrawn without notice. The offers may not to be combined with other offers or promotions.

The General Terms of Sale of Devialet will apply to the offer

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