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In the beginning

Three visionaries. One mission.

Devialet. Pronounced dəvjalɛ. Three momentous syllables. Together they profess our absolute vision: that progress makes the world a better place to live in. A philosophy, rooted in the great Enlightenment thinkers, whose boundless quest for intellectual, cultural and scientific advancement continues to fuel ours. A name. That of Monsieur Guillaume Vialet, engineer, pioneer, friend to Diderot and contributor to the Encyclopédie Française. Fearless, curious, relentlessly passionate. A free spirit driven by a belief in tomorrow. The same belief that pushes us to share the emotion of the best sound in the world with as many people as possible. By constantly challenging audio conventions, one radical invention at a time. Devialet began with three iconoclasts and a single obsession: music at its most innovative and exhilarating.


Our extremely high technologies aim to express emotion the way the artist intended. Emotion is what fuels our every decision at Devialet.

Quentin Sannié

Devialet founder, iconoclast, born entrepreneur, firmly focused on the future.


Innovating means daring to dream, taking the risky route, losing your way without ever giving up and – ultimately – solving a very real problem.

Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel

Having dedicated over 20 years to R&D, Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel is the life force behind our breakthrough technology: ADH®. He continues to head up the Devialet engineering team.


Devialet design gives radical expression to our products, setting the tone for our ambitions.

Emmanuel Nardin

A peerless designer. Emmanuel Nardin trained in Mechanical Design Engineering. His uncompromising vision expresses Devialet product design in its purest form.


Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Paris, Devialet is the most critically acclaimed start-up in the world for innovation and excellence in audio inventions. Our story began with ADH®, a revolutionary patented invention that would forever change high-end amplifiers. A mind-blowing feat, this hybrid technology seamlessly blends digital and analog to produce sound quality unlike anything previously experienced. Extreme engineering.
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    ADH invention

    Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel patents the world’s first hybrid amplification technology in France and the US.

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    Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, Quentin Sannié and Emmanuel Nardin found Devialet, Ingénierie Acoustique de France. Armed with a game-changing technology – ADH® – and an radical vision for the audio of tomorrow, they spark a revolution. The epic journey begins.

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    D-premier launch

    Devialet scores its first major engineering coup. The most sophisticated system ever released on the market, D-premier radically redefines audiophile standards, condensing every single aspect of expert-grade playback into a single razor-thin slab. 58 awards. An industry first.

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    First fund raising

    Compelled by the game-changing potential of Devialet technologies and innovations, business moguls Bernard Arnault, Marc Simoncini, Xavier Niel and Jacques-Antoine Granjon sign on to the incredible adventure. Their unfailing support lends Devialet the financial weight to become the global leader in high-end sound.

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    Phantom launch

    The year that changed sound. Devialet unleashes Phantom, the best sound in the world. The intense emotional experience of ultra-dense sound with physical impact. A whole new species of speaker that obliterates all existing systems. Revolutionary. By December of the same year, Phantom drops in Apple Stores. Unstoppable.

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    Latest fund raising

    Devialet raises 100 million euros from prominent entrepreneurs looking to invest in the technologies of tomorrow. Their landmark contribution helps expand the business over US and Asian markets while bringing Devialet innovations to cars, televisions and connected objects.

Company Investors Devialet


Devialet has won the hearts, minds and ears of visionary world-class entrepreneurs. Bernard Arnault, Xavier Niel, Andy Rubin, Carlos Ghosn, Jay Z. All of them see the unique potential of our technologies to change the world.

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Crazy in Love


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Inventions rewarded

76 international awards attest to the excellence of our inventions. Devialet remains the most critically acclaimed start-up in sound engineering.

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Tomorrow's Techologies. Today.

Every day, 80 Devialet engineers, mechanics, electricians, IT and signal processing experts come together in our Paris ateliers. The most outstanding minds in their respective fields, they work tirelessly towards the same goal: inventing the sound technologies of tomorrow.

Revolutionizing the industry.

Designed, manufactured and assembled in France, Devialet systems demand extreme precision engineering and ultra-high-performance materials. A ceremony of inimitable gestures. Nothing less than perfection. This is the Phantom ritual.

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We’re constantly nurturing radical and intuitive new ways of thinking. And chasing new ways to deliver the emotion of the best sound in the world. To as many people as possible. The revolution is ours. Care to join us?

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