Core Infinity

Core Infinity Intelligent core. Infinite possibilities.

Tomorrow's music. Today.

Expert Pro systems have always been designed with adaptability and scalability in mind. Today, Core Infinity opens your Expert Pro to a whole new era, ready to welcome the challenges of digital audio. So that your system can continue to serve your music preferences. Today and always.

Wirelessly or via Ethernet, enter a radical new dimension. The possibilities are infinite.

Core Infinity

Expert Pro’s intelligent core features the latest Devialet OS. Based on a Linux kernel, our operating system has been custom designed to deliver optimal audio performance.

With processing power intended to stand the test of time, Core Infinity’s uniquely evolutive architecture is built for high-endurance performance. The board comes with an ARM Quadcore processor running at 1GHz supported by 1 Go of RAM-DDR3 and 4 Go of Flash memory. It also hosts an ultra-solid network architecture, ideally suited to High-Res music streaming:

- 1 Gigabit Ethernet Port
- Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz (802.11ac/abgn 2x2 MIMO)
- PLC 500Mbps HomePlug AV2

Core Infinity

But we didn’t stop there. Many major hardware and software improvements have been introduced:

- A new audio DSP, in addition to the DSP already existing on the motherboard. This new DSP will provide an additional power reserve to support future software upgrades.
- Enhanced FPGA to provide more power to Devialet OS, optimal audio signal routing, and a new clock distribution that minimizes digital jitter. This results in a significant gain in audio quality.
- Enhanced USB interface for supporting new audio formats in the future.
- 3 ASRC (Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter) to anticipate future developments on Expert Pro and in particular compatibility with additional sources. Only 1 ASRC is currently used.
- Time and date retention system via RTC battery for lightning-quick network service loading.

Armed with these new features, Core Infinity opens Expert Pro to a world of infinite possibilities. It now supports many major streaming protocols, starting with UPnP, Roon via Devialet AIR® as well as AirPlay and Spotify Connect in beta… and more to follow.

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  • Airplay
  • Spotify
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Roon + Expert Pro

Thanks to our patented Devialet AIR® technology, the music player Roon is now natively supported on Expert Pro. An extreme new way to access and manage your entire music library. In a heartbeat.

Natively integrating Devialet AIR® into ROON lets you to benefit from:

- detailed display of the sound signal all throughout reproduction to ensure bit-perfect output
- dynamic handling of your Expert Pro (Volume, EQ, loading, standby)
- Remote control of your system via the Roon Remote application
... and much more.

Core Infinity