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The new generation Expert Pro propells the world's most advanced audio system into a new dimension. Upgraded electronics optimised at every level of the signal path have set new records in audio performance. With expanded streaming fuctionality powered by Core Infinity intelligent core; Expert Pro remains the ultimate expression of more than 10 years of audio research and innovation.

Expert's scalable architecture and the Devialet Upgrade Program makes it possible to transform your Expert system to Expert Pro with Core Infinity. Keep your system at the top of its game by unleashing the latest in Devialet technology.

Devialet media


New version of ADH® hybrid amplification, new Class A amplifier with an improved damping factor, new Class D amplifier with optimized efficiency, new Magic Wire® DAC with less harmonic distorsion over the full bandwidth, new more powerful and responsive power supply, integration of the Core Infinity board with reworked clock distribution for minimal digital jitter, ...

Your new Expert Pro is transformed.

Devialet media


Our engineers are driven by a relentless quest to achieve absolute zero distortion. With Expert Pro, they have once again managed to push the limits of what's possible. With an entirely new hardware platform delivering improvements at every stage of the signal path and dramatic optimisation of its overall operation, the new Expert Pro offers increased power and improved performance at all power levels, for a listening experience both more muscular and more transparent.

Rediscover your music. Again.

Devialet media


Core Infinity opens up new possibilities for Expert Pro. This intelligent core delivers the latest in streaming functionality via our new operating system, Devialet OS. Upgraded computing power built for long-lasting performance ensures that Expert Pro can continuously evolve and allow you to enjoy your music, fully and simply.


When upgrading your Expert system to Expert Pro with Core Infinity, we guarantee the upmost care is taken to restore your system to its ultimate condition. In addition to the overall hardware upgrade, you will also benefit from:

- 2 years new warranty

- In-depth cleaning of your Expert Pro and its remote control

- New product packaging.



If you don't have the product packaging or the overpack cardboard anymore, simply request them during your order process and you will receive them for free. Carefully pack your Expert system for transport, with its remote control and without its power cord.


Print the dispatch label that you will receive (as well as the pro-forma invoice that you will receive if you live outside the European Union), and stick them to the side of the overpack cardboard. Schedule a pick-up date and time with our carrier UPS for the collection of your Expert system. Your Expert system will be handed over to our specialists who will proceed to its upgrade to the new Expert Pro system with Core Infinity within 20 working days.


Once the functional tests are over, your new Expert Pro system will leave our workshops and you will receive a new email with the corresponding tracking number.

* The customer will be responsible for his Expert device until delivery and handover of the device at Devialet’s premises. The customer is obliged to truthfully state the condition of his Expert device. Devialet will not be held responsible for any discrepancies between the reported conditions by the customer and the conditions found upon receipt by Devialet.

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