Phantom Tutorials Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Optical, Dialog

Phantom. Good to go.

Our video tutorials are designed to guide you through setup seamlessly. Also an easy set-up guide is available for download. So you can get started with Phantom. Right away.

  • Unboxing Phantom

    Unleash Phantom.

  • Setting up Phantom via Bluetooth.

    Show me how to get started with Phantom and listen to music using Bluetooth.

  • Setting up Phantom via Wi-Fi.

    Show me how to link up Phantom to my wireless network and use the Spark app features.

  • Setting up one or more Phantom using Dialog.

    Show me how to set up a Phantom stereo system in the same room or configure a multi-room experience.

  • Connecting Phantom with an optical cable.

    Show me how to link up Phantom to my television, CD player, DVD, Bluray, console, media center…

  • Pairing Remote to Phantom.

    Show me how to control Phantom’s volume using Remote. For absolute precision and extreme motion sensitivity. 

  • Restarting Phantom.

    Show me how to change my current installation or restart Phantom.