Expert Pro - Revolution Architecture audiophile


Expert Pro architecture is intrinsically revolutionary. 10 years of research and development were required to build the absolute expression of audiophile refinement. For the first time, class-leading design and state-of-the-art electronics have been seamlessly blended in the name of music.

Our integrated and infinitely upgradable architecture seamlessly adapts to fit your exact system and speaker model. With absolute precision. Cut from a single block of aluminium, Expert Pro combines extreme refinement and optimal thermal management. For radically superior amplification.

Fully integrated

Expert Pro radically reinvents playback. Preamp, amp, DAC, streamer and phono stage are condensed and optimized in one razor-thin slab for extreme audiophile sophistication and precision. Our fully integrated architecture is fundamentally superior to conventional Hi-Fi systems and free from disturbance caused by connections between multiple devices. A whole other species.

Fractal architecture

Expert pro architecture is infinitely upgradable, providing solutions tailored to your individual audiophile requirements. In stereo, dual mono or as far as you want to go, Expert Pro set-up is endlessly customizable. Anything is possible.

Design Engineering / Form and function

Cut from a single block of solid aluminium selected for its thermal properties, Expert Pro delivers exceptional passive cooling. Expert 250 Pro and 1000 Pro models feature a solid copper base plate that doubles thermal dissipation performance. Over 2500 parts with zero cables or detachables. Sound signal transmission has been entirely redesigned to ensure the very highest fidelity and a permanent fight against planned obsolescence.


The absolute refinement of Expert Pro systems is made possible by a revolutionary online input and output configuration system providing bespoke audio precision.