Krug | Devialet Hear the Champagne.
Savor the sound. And vice versa

Music is a universal language that speaks directly to our senses. Champagne arouses the nose and delights the palate. When music and champagne come together, each brings an opportunity to encounter a new world of sensations.
This experience has been made possible by Devialet, a French company that brings unrivalled sound purity, and Krug, the Champagne House founded by the visionary Joseph Krug, who understood the very essence of champagne and revolutionized the way it was created. Since 1843, six generations of the Krug family have perpetuated his legacy and upheld his stringent commitment to quality. Now, Krug and Devialet have come together to unveil unprecedented sound experiences, a harmonious meeting of Champagne tasting and musical immersion.

Krug and Devialet: a unique box set

This unique box set created by Krug and Devialet is an invitation to travel through time, and to rediscover three Lost Editions of Krug Grande Cuvée alongside three Lost Recordings of Ella Fitzgerald by Devialet. Nestled within this hand-crafted case, you will find Krug Grande Cuvée’s 156th, 157th, and 158th Editions as well as an exceptional vinyl recording of a live performance by Ella Fitzgerald from 1961.
A sensory experience revealed in only 15 limited-edition cases.

A unique tasting experience

This pairing is as exceptional as it is unexpected – a Champagne tasting during a perfectly tailored musical performance through which flavors and aromas taste blends with sound. We recommend the following music pairings to get the full measure of the experience:

Krug Grande Cuvée 156th Edition | "That Old Black Magic"
Krug Grande Cuvée 157th Edition | "St. Louis Blues"
Krug Grande Cuvée 158th Edition | "You’re Driving Me Crazy"

A sound oasis. In 3D.

In the Agafay desert, located in the outskirts of Marrakesh, near the Atlas Mountains, over 70 Krug Lovers, some from Krug Ambassades throughout the world, came together to share a three-day itinerant, immersive experience around Champagne and Music.
To musically translate the three Cuvées he introduced at this event, Oliver Krug enlisted the help of artist Ozark Henry. The composer, musician, and 3D sound design pioneer created an original, immersive score for the occasion.
Each Cuvée was paired with its own musical creation composed of eight audio tracks, played in perfect synchronization on eight Gold Phantoms, evoking powerful, concert-like sensations. It was a journey of the senses.

Ozark Henry, immersive music pioneer

The Belgian musician and composer, Ozark Henry, is guided by the desire to put the listener at the heart of the musical experience and to make immersive sound accessible to all. He is one of the pioneers of 3D Music, which he believes is the next audio revolution since the transition from mono to stereo.
Taking the Krug and music experience further with Devialet's sound technology, he is truly able to bring music to life.

This is only the beginning for Krug and Devialet.