A new breed of speaker Phantom Reactor : The Heartbeat

These woofers are works of art.

And like any great work of art, they challenge the norm. 6x lighter and compacter than equivalent-sized models, Phantom Reactor’s woofers have to handle huge amounts of acoustic pressure in just 3L of volume. This meant rethinking everything from the basket and spider to the mesh and outer membrane. The brief? Minimum weight and maximum strength.
You’ll understand why when the bass kicks in.


Each side is carefully attached to the spine before being sealed together to create a single, impenetrable chamber. This high-precision assembly technique is the only way to ensure woofers this compact can generate enough acoustic pressure to get Phantom Reactor’s blood pumping – and yours. Feel your music come alive, up to 98 dB.

Big emotions no longer have to equal big speakers.

HBI® is a one-of-a-kind system, designed to take you deeper into sound. For the first time, an ultra-compact home speaker is able to reproduce ridiculously low bass that resonates beyond the limits of the human ear, throughout your entire body. Unleash your music's full potential. All the way down to 18Hz.

Woofers this extreme demand a firm hand.

Working together in a purpose-built factory, man and machine go to unreasonable lengths to ensure Phantom Reactor’s woofers are assembled just right. Every screw, seal and magnet has to be held tightly in place so you can experience infra-bass of 18Hz and driver excursion of up to 6.5mm - without the slightest imperfection or distortion. A fine art.

  • 18Hz

    of infrabass

  • 6.5mm

    driver excursion

  • 6x

    lighter and compacter than equivalent-sized models

  • 20x

    the pressure of average loudspeakers

Looks XXS. Sounds XXL.

Unreasonably compact for a system this powerful, Phantom Reactor fits in almost anywhere. Made for compulsive listening experiences, the new easy-to-carry Phantom features every available Devialet technology in under 3 liters. Sound that really moves? You bet.