Phantom - Technology SAM - Speaker Active Matching

Flawless playback. Just as your artists intended.

If ADH® is the engine imposing the signal on the drive unit, it’s SAM® (Speaker Active Matching) that processes the sound signal, enabling Phantom to precisely match the conditions of the original recording. So its loudspeakers can reproduce the exact same sound pressure level as your music source.

That’s the whole point of speakers: to imitate air movement generated by the source and captured in sound waves by microphones during the recording process. There’s just one catch: each speaker has its own unique specs that mechanically alter sound during the final stage of playback.

Never before has a speaker been able to produce sound exactly as it was recorded. SAM® works in real time to calculate the perfect sound signal to send to the speaker. By taking into account its physical properties to ensure impeccable sound wave production.

SAM® guarantees absolute fidelity, whether it be transients (pizzicato or percussion) or continuous signal (sostenuto or organ). For flawless playback, whatever the rhythm and tempo. Experience every last emotion of your music. Just as your artists intended.