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Going where we're least expected. It all started when we met with Xavier Veilhan, a consummate multidisciplinary artist, and one of the very first to own Phantom. We found ourselves at the crossroads between contemporary art and high technology, committed to serving artists and their music.

Devialet media
Devialet media

Chosen to represent France at the 57th Venice International Art Exhibition, the artist has created ‘Studio Venezia’, an immersive installation conceived as living architecture that explores the recording studio as a creative platform.

Throughout the Venice Biennale, from May 13 to November 26 2017, Xavier Veilhan will invite more than one hundred artists to come and create in the ‘Studio Venezia’. The public is welcome to share this unique moment of artistic dialogue, unaware of what they'll witness in advance. The history of music is linked to the history of technology: electricity has allowed it to be amplified and then stored. The fullness of portable music could not be truly appreciated without a tool powerful enough to achieve perfect playback.

Devialet media


Devialet is proud to be part of Studio Venezia project. Today, we’re teaming up with BETC and Deezer to take you to the heat of the action. With Live on Phantom, stream the feed straight from our Spark app. Discover the artists as they take to the stage. Almost every day, from 10am to 6pm.

To find out when to join us Live on Phantom, follow our Facebook page and

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"L’histoire de la musique est liée à l’histoire de la technologie : l’électricité a permis de l’amplifier puis de la stocker. Il manquait à l’ubiquité de la musique nomade un outil puissant pour rendre possible sa restitution exacte. Phantom nous permettra d’écouter la musique et les sons captés dans le Studio Venezia. Nous nous sommes retrouvés dans la recherche d’un moment sonore inoubliable."

Xavier Veilhan

Devialet media

At Devialet, we facilitate creativity in all its forms, inventing the best sound amplification technologies in the world. So that the slightest intention of creators, musicians, singers and sound engineers can be reproduced with absolute fidelity. Every last emotion, rendered flawlessly. We are immensely proud and honored that Xavier Veilhan chose us to be part of his art installation, and to be at the heart of a creative initiative dedicated to music.

The experimental space designed by Xavier Veilhan using Phantom will enable the half-million visitors to the Venice Biennale to experience an extraordinary artistic and musical encounter – between formal classicism and absolute modernity.

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