Story Phantom takes Britain’s most famous stage

In the nearly 150 years since it first opened, the Royal Albert Hall has presented giants of culture from Winston Churchill and Albert Einstein to The Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald, and Adele. This year, the storied venue ushers in the future of music by hosting a new cultural pioneer: Phantom.
Through our monumental partnership, Devialet and the Royal Albert Hall are driving forward a shared vision to democratize the world of music.

The best sound in the world has a new home in London

The fact that the Royal Albert Hall—a behemoth of British artistic and cultural heritage—chose to partner with Devialet—a daring, fast growing French company—to bring forth the future of sound is a testament to the staying power of Devialet’s game changing innovations.
Phantom is the centerpiece of our mission to break open tradition and revolutionize the way all people experience music, both inside the Royal Albert Hall and beyond its walls.

Democratizing music for all to hear

Devialet and the Royal Albert Hall share a belief that the emotional power of music should be accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. Communicating that power to the widest possible audience means bringing the experience of the Royal Albert Hall beyond the walls of the venue.
For the first time, communities across London can experience concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, even if they never make it to the Hall itself. Phantom “Beyond the Hall” presents musical events as they unfold within the Hall, streamed in real time with unmatched fidelity to transport the full emotional power packed into each detail and every grace note.

  • From the beginning, Devialet’s ambition has always been to use our ground-breaking technologies to make the true power and emotion of music available to everyone. Quentin Sannie, Devialet CEO
  • Both organisations are committed to allowing people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the emotion of live musical performance. Craig Hassall, Chief Executive Officer, The Royal Albert Hall

A monumental partnership, made to last

There’s more to come, of course.
Within the Royal Albert Hall, our partnership will take shape at Door 6 as Devialet transforms the venue’s historic grand entrance into an immersive and innovative sound experience that immediately envelops visitors. Devialet and the Royal Albert Hall are embarking on a monumental partnership.

And we’ve only just begun.