Expert Pro We are Roon Ready.

Expert Pro systems are Roon Ready with the latest firmware 13.1.

Roon Ready certification represents a guarantee from Roon and Devialet that Expert Pro systems provide the highest standards of user experience and audio performance. These products offer the best of Roon's features including high-resolution streaming, two-way control, Signal Path integration, and synchronized multi-room playback.

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Absolute fidelity, extreme compatibility.

In Expert Pro systems, Roon ensures PCM 24bits/192kHz quality and DSD64. Stable Streaming over Ethernet and WiFi networks.

Bespoke and unlimited configuration.

Multi-room synchronization of Roon Ready devices from over 50 different manufacturers.

Total control.

Two-way control integration. Front-panel controls and Expert Pro remotes can control Roon via the device. Volume controls are kept in sync with Roon. If you start music in Roon, the Expert Pro input automatically switches to Roon's input. The signal path is displayed, including quality information along the path, ensuring that processing isn't being concealed or hidden from the customer. Digital signal processing from Expert Pro is displayed and kept in sync with Roon.

Enjoy Expert Pro and Roon Ready to the fullest

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