Story 'Voyage des Sens' with Plateau Spa


Driven by the belief that breakthrough audio has the power to transport mind, body and soul, Devialet has partnered with Plateau Spa to reimagine the spa experience.
Because high-impact sound isn’t just for hearing or feeling. It’s for healing.
Phantom is not only for music. When the best sound in the world equates to the true representation of sounds, the opportunity to create emotion through the imagination has no limits.

In the city that never sleeps, Hong Kong has long been misrepresented by it’s towering skyscrapers and 24hour businesses, however, upon scratching the surface, in truth, Hong Kong shines as a tropical island, a mini oasis, comprised of 75% natural reserve. When we met with the award winning luxury Plateau Spa at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, we discussed the dichotomy of Hong Kong visitors who rarely manage to escape the concrete. Yet there is tranquillity to be found right on Hong Kong’s doorstep, the warming sound of rainfall, the buzzing of cicadas, all natural sounds that evoke memories and emotions of safety, peace and escapism. We imagined how wonderful it could be if we could realise a real ‘journey’ through mental escapism which often surrounds the language of spa but is never really explored. At once we created a natural marriage of intentions; delivering a new level of emotion through audio storytelling for a deeper meditative spa experience.

Creating the soundscape

Partnering with Chris Craker, Founder of Karma Studios, and former Vice-President of Sony Music, we were able to harness the expertise of a team who truly understood the potential of the audio journey. Having composed and mastered soundtracks for blockbuster movies such as Inception and Interstellar, we combined Plateau Spa’s knowledge of the physiological state, with that of the psychological spa journey to create an audio brief for unlike any he and his team had ever received before. A musical score, without any music. Created through the absolute fidelity of real natural sounds captured across the hidden sanctuaries of Hong Kong. The result was a soundscape that transports, lifts the mind and the imagination out of the confines of the spa room and deeper into a sonic meditative state.

An unexpected emotional experience

Putting Phantom’s HBI® technology at the forefront of holistic wellness allows us the unique opportunity to explore infra frequencies, those that cannot be heard by the human ear, but can be felt throughout the body. Creating vibrations and ripples at a cellular level to soothe, relax and restore.

For the first time, audio storytelling in the most life-like form can be explored, and with Phantom, the possibilities to explore mental and physical well being became endless.

A true ‘Voyage des Sens’

The result is a 60 minute bespoke treatment that combines scent, temperature and touch with an immersive audio soundtrack that transports the mind as well as massages the soul. Taking the experience to new levels of relaxation.
A guided hand walks the mind out of the bustling city. A gust of wind blows the spirit into the mountains, and from there the imagination is left to wonder, through forests, beaches and hidden caves. A sensorial experience to free the mind, in unison with therapeutic touch for physical and mental wellness. A reimaging of the spa experience through the power of Phantom.

Starting from the 18th September 2017, to March 2018, the ‘Voyage des Sens’ bespoke spa treatment will be available at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.