Story Devialet and Chef Fudy Chen
Taste the farm with your ears

Authentic ingredients, real emotions

We are well versed in questioning the provenance of products and businesses, but how often do we question the true origins of the foods we eat? How does the nature of our food impact its effects on our physical and mental wellness?

Devialet has partnered with Chef Fudy Chen, founder of Taipei’s chicest boutique hotel, Hotel Proverbs, and purveyor of unique experiences dedicated to integrity and quality. By introducing the emotional and expressive potential of music through Gold Phantom, Devialet and Fudy Chen have masterminded a private dining experience that transports guests back to the very origin of their meal: the farm.

From the private dining room of Hotel Proverbs, diners are transported into an entirely new landscape. The environment is orchestrated through a 360-degree immersive audio experience powered by the purity and emotion of six Devialet Gold Phantoms.
An augmented soundscape from Chef Fudy’s farm, located just 10 miles from Hotel Proverbs, moves diners through a trance-like experience of farm life, starting from the birth of a sprouting seed beneath the soil to that plant’s life above ground, journeying through the seasons from the sowing of seeds to the sunrise harvest.

My cuisine is a form of communication that speaks to a person’s body and mind.

Fudy Chen

Mouthfeel you can hear

Food and music are similar in that they can capture a certain moment and tell the story of time.
From the chlorophyll-rimmed cocktail presented upon arrival to the welcoming chirps of the morning birds overhead, you start your experience the way every day begins at Chef Fudy's farm: in the sunshine, surrounded by green goodness, at one with the insects and the animals.
From the comfort of your seat, your audio journey begins with a gentle meditation. The soundscape draws you underground into the beginning of plant life, deep in the soil, gathering strength and energy in the darkness to tunnel your way through the earth, eventually bursting out into the open air.
From here, Chef Fudy presents you with your 'toolkit', a survival kit for every errand on the farm, wrapped in a napkin and sealed with a fresh flower. As you unwrap your toolkit, your hands take on the aroma of the flower, and you become one with the farm.

Bon appétit and
enjoy your journey to the farm!

Securing your seat at the farm

Beginning on January 27th, Chef Fudy will personally host this monthly ‘Table to Farm’ dining experience from the private dining room of TK Seafood and Steak.
Each seating will be limited to a maximum of 30 guests based on a lucky draw reservation system.
Future dates: February 24th, March 31st , April 28th , May 26th , June 30th .