Phantom Premier Reach the pinnacle.

Phantom Premier.
Another class of speaker.

Forget what you think you know. Unlike any wireless speakers that have gone before, Phantom Premier's revolutionary technologies fuse together to deliver an intense emotional experience. One you can literally feel in your bones.

Plug, play and unleash the physical impact of a high-end ultra-dense sound with power, clarity and precision like nothing you've ever encountered.

Hi-Fi. Docks. Speakers. Home cinema. Wireless or bluetooth. Phantom Premier obliterates all existing home sound systems.

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  • phantom-devialet-connectivity-airplay airplay
  • phantom-devialet-connectivity-bluetooth bluetooth
  • phantom-devialet-connectivity-spotify Spotify Connect
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  • UPnP UPnP
  • 4500 WATTS

Anatomically unique.

108 patents. 12 kilos of high technology. 60 kilos of thrust force behind the lateral woofers. 174dB of internal acoustic pressure. That’s rocket launch level.

It took over 80 specialists in aerodynamics, automobile, acoustics and mechanics to perfect a system capable of sustaining these extreme physical conditions. 10 years of research and development and 25 million euros went into engineering the best sound in the world.

One, Two, More. Prepare to be floored.

Be as unreasonable as you want. In Solo or Duo, Phantom Premier promises a true moment of refinement.

And no matter what you decide, you’ll be sure to feel the difference. Phantom Premier's spherical architecture defies the norm, delivering ultra-physical and room-filling sound, whatever space you're working with. Prepare to be floored.

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Ultra-low frequencies take you beyond the limits of the human ear. Feel infrabass with your entire body, however low the volume.

Take control.

Reach out and make contact. Phantom will behave – unless you decide otherwise. Skip to your favorite track. Let the woofers run wild. Demand total silence.

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