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DEVIALETGeneral Terms and Conditions of the Devialet Referral Program

ARTICLE 1 - Referral Program Organizer
Starting May 23, 2022, and continuing indefinitely, Devialet, a company registered in the Paris trade and commerce register under number 502 155 682 and headquartered at 10 Place Vendôme, 75001 Paris, France (hereinafter “Devialet”), is organizing a referral program (hereinafter the “Referral Program”) through which Devialet customers can receive rewards by inviting friends and family to enroll in the Referral Program and to also receive certain benefits.

ARTICLE 2 - Overview of the Referral Program
The Referral Program created under this Agreement offers Devialet customers the opportunity to promote the Referral Program, on a strictly voluntary basis, to individuals who are not yet enrolled. The Referral Program works via a referral link sent by referrers to friends and family members who have given their consent by enrolling through the platform. If the referral is approved by Devialet, referrers and referees may both receive the rewards described below.

ARTICLE 3 - Acceptance of the Agreement
Participation in the Referral Program implies complete acceptance of this agreement in its entirety and of all current laws and regulations in France, particularly Act No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, on information technology, files, and rights (hereinafter the “Data Protection Act”). Any participant who does not comply fully with this agreement shall be removed from the Referral Program by Devialet. Participants shall also be automatically and permanently removed from the Referral Program if they provide an inaccurate or false statement or commit fraud. Any dispute or disagreement that may arise from the application or interpretation of this agreement shall be decided definitively by Devialet at its sole discretion. This agreement shall be published on the website at Devialet may modify the agreement at any time. Any questions about this agreement should be emailed to

ARTICLE 4 – Participation in the Referral Program
The Referral Program is open to any individual over 18 (eighteen) years of age residing in metropolitan France (including Corsica), Belgium, Luxembourg and meeting the requirements described in the T&C. In accordance with the T&C, a given individual may possess only a single, unique Devialet account and may refer up to nine referees. Participation in the Referral Program is exclusively electronic and done directly through the website The Referral Program is open to both current and potential customers of Devialet. They may also share their unique referral codes with friends and family via a personalized link. Referral codes may not be posted or distributed publicly (such as through coupon websites, Reddit, or Wikipedia) if it is implausible that most or all of the recipients are personal connections. Promoting the referral code through search engines (e.g., AdWords, Yahoo, or Bing) is also prohibited. The referral relationship assumes that the referee enrolls through the referral website through the link sent by their referrer and that the referee uses the code on their first purchase. If this is not the case, Devialet may choose not to approve the referral. Furthermore, a referral is deemed valid only if a referee: Has purchased at least one of the following audio products: Phantom I, Phantom II, or Gemini Has not returned the product during the legal return period Referrers will be notified by email when one of their referees has used the code and when the referral has been approved. Referrers have one year to complete three referrals. Each referee must be a different individual in order for the referral to be valid. Referrers may not refer themselves and may not refer the same person multiple times. Devialet expressly reserves the right to verify the identity of referrers and their referees and, at its discretion, to remove participants from the Referral Program should they fail to comply with the terms of this Agreement. No compensation of any kind will be given to anyone removed from the Referral Program.

ARTICLE 5 – Referrer and Referee Rewards
If the above terms and conditions are met, then for every three approved referrals, referrers will receive a gift card in the amount of €150 inclusive (one hundred fifty euros, including tax), valid 2 years (depending on the card edition date) on the website. If the above terms and conditions are met, referees will receive a Devialet Care service with their first purchase. To receive the service, referees must add the appropriate Devialet Care service for the audio product they are purchasing to their shopping cart and enter the referral code at the time of payment. This reward cannot be combined with other discount codes. Devialet reserves the right to modify rewards (type, amount, duration, etc.) or cease providing Referral Program rewards or to end the Referral Program at its discretion.

ARTICLE 6 – Limitation of Liability of Devialet
Participants (referrers and referees) assume sole liability for their participation in the Referral Program. Devialet shall not be held liable for the function or malfunction of the Referral Program, in particular, any incident of any kind or origin whatsoever. This includes but is not limited to any incident that affects the accessibility of the website, and prevents participation in the Referral Program. If a referral link does not work, Devialet will examine the claim on a case-by-case basis and may, at its discretion, choose to credit the referral reward, as long as the other terms and conditions in this agreement have been met. Devialet shall not be held liable for malware infections caused by browsing the internet. Participants are responsible for taking measures to protect their digital devices (smartphones and/or computers) against attempted intrusions and infections.

ARTICLE 7 – Protection of Personal Data
Personal data collected by Devialet from participants for the purposes of the Referral Program are collected and processed in compliance with the Data Protection Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The data collected during enrollment in the Referral Program are the data provided by participants: salutations, first and last names, and email addresses of referees. Devialet uses this personal data in accordance with Devialet’s privacy policy, which can be viewed at Under section 40 of the Data Protection Act and under the GDPR, all participants in the Referral Program who can prove their identity have the right to request that personal data about them that is inaccurate, incomplete, unclear, or expired be corrected, completed, updated, blocked, or deleted, as appropriate.

Last updated: July 5th, 2022

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