Phantom Silver Glossy RefurbishedEach Certified Refurbished Phantom undergoes a series of rigorous tests and controls to ensure the highest quality and performance, identical to a new product.

105 dB SPL. 700 Watts RMS.
DKK 13,990

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Advanced power. Enhanced Phantom.

The refurbished speaker Silver Phantom with Airplay features every class-leading Devialet invention bringing you high-fidelity and ultra-dense sound in a compact design that fits in your home. Enjoy physical impact unlike anything you’ve ever felt. 

Each Refurbished Phantom will remain entirely upgradeable through the Devialet app, just like the rest of the Phantom line. As a Phantom of our previous generation, this speaker has a glossy finish.

This speaker comes with a new box, power cable, together with a 24-month warranty.
AirPlay 2
Spotify Connect
Optical Cable
Devialet medias
Roon Ready


Each Phantom is designed and manufactured in France, and the same is true of our Certified Refurbished products. A dedicated team ensures that the same rigor we put into research is carried through to the very final step. A fully automated assembly line leaves nothing to chance.

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The Devialet App:
your sound, your way.

Power this unreasonable requires some control. Set up your Phantom, finetune your settings, and stay up to date, all via the Devialet App. An intuitive companion, the app lets you customize your Phantom experience: setting up your Phantom, adjusting latency for A/V, activating Standby Mode or customizing bass for Night Mode.

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Made for each other.
Our Phantom I’s accessories.

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Cocoon - Phantom I
DKK 2,390
Phantom I on the road
Devialet media
Devialet Care - Phantom I
DKK 1,990
Protect your investment
Devialet media
Gecko - Phantom I
DKK 1,990
Ultra-discreet: the minimalist wall mount
Devialet media
Tree Glossy
DKK 2,690
Made for high-precision listening
Devialet media
White Tree
DKK 2,690
Made for high-precision listening
Devialet media
DKK 1,490
Total control, minute precision.

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Devialet media

Phantom I 103 dB

Implosive sound, wider soundstage, an icon
DKK 17,490
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Phantom I 108 dB

Absolute fidelity, quintessential.
DKK 23,490
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Devialet media
Devialet media

Phantom II 95 dB

Big sound, small package.
DKK 8,990
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Phantom II 98 dB

Ultimate compactness/power ratio.
DKK 11,490
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