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In designing Phantom, we immediately knew we needed to create a spherical object. It's the ideal acoustic shape for 360° diffusion and performance. But there's a reason no other speaker looks like Phantom: it's a challenging shape to work with. Through countless iterations, we were able to reconcile acoustics and aesthetics, giving life to a speaker that that would seduce all senses.

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When seen from the front, Phantom's compactness is unmissable. As you make your way around the sides, the elongated body and side plates are revealed. By stretching out the curvature, we were able to create a light, harmonious feel without sacrificing on loudspeaker power. Designed for longevity, Phantom’s body makes it more robust and performant, ensuring sound is unaltered even at higher temperatures.

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Phantom's tweeter grill brings a touch of poetry to function. Its aesthetic inspiration was two-fold: 18th-century French gardens in a nod to Devialet's French origins, and the elaborate waves formed by Chladni patterns which make sound... visible. But it had to be solid enough to protect the delicate tweeter membrane. It took our designers multiple iterations to crack this technical and creative interplay, balancing performance and visual harmony down to the millimeter. No detail spared.

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One of its core design elements, Phantom I's signature side panels closely flank the body, creating a sleek, aerodynamic accent. Molded with precision to help dissipate the energy transmitted to the rear, they are available in a range of finishes, including light chrome, dark chrome, matte, and 22 carat gold. Bold alchemy guaranteed, no matter which you choose.

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Finesse, elegance, and function were the focuses when choosing Phantom's finish. Deviating from the glossy finish of previous editions except the iconic Phantom II white, Phantom's modern matte exterior is distinctly non-reflective, letting it blend into any environment. It also communicates a certain visual softness. When juxtaposed against the sheer power contained within, Phantom becomes all the more entrancing. But looks can be deceiving: The ultra-tough, easy-to-clean composite remains flawless no matter how hard you push your Phantom.


If your music appears to come to life, don't worry. That's just Phantom's woofers at work. Breaking with the norm, Phantom’s design conceals the loudspeaker mechanics behind two immaculate domes. Press play and watch the mesmerizing dance that unfolds before you. A blend of finesse and strength, the visual effect is as immediate as the the physical one. A glimpse behind a frame unveils convex woofer membranes that increase overall acoustic pressure and volume for added power. It’s sound that really moves. And moves you, too.

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The radiator is the muscle behind the operation. A nod to the sculpted lines of classic cars, Phantom’s radiator design is a statement of performance and function. From the exact distance between the dorsal fins to the thickness of the mold, every element was custom shaped with two goals in mind: to remove excess heat, and to look good while doing it. Core strength is everything, especially when your muscles are constantly being put to the test. Cast from solid aluminium, the robust structure can handle acoustic extremes while demonstrating excellent thermal conductivity.


Phantom comes complete with intuitive touch controls for an added layer of information. An L.E.D. light at the back delivers three different types of product status: off, booting (flashing), and on (solid white).

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